Action Plan

The following steps have been taken to create awareness about PC & PNDT Act

  • Poster and stickers have been displayed at various places in Bangalore
  • Newspaper advertisements across regional publications.
  • Panel discussion on PC & PNDT have been telecasted on Doordarshan and other popular regional television channels
  • PC & PNDT Act book has been printed both in English and Kannada and distributed to all the registered centers
  • Strict enforcement mechanisms are in place since 2010
  • Baalika 2011 – a daylong conference for the medical fraternity (both students and professionals) has been planned for the 19th of March 2011, to highlight various aspects of the Act.
  • Incentives to bridge the gap: Govt. of Karnataka has introduced Bhagyalakshmi program as an incentive on the birth of girl child
    • Under this scheme the Govt. of Karnataka keeps deposits Rs.19300/- for the first girl child and Rs.18350/- for the second girl child born in the BPL families. The beneficiaries will get an amount of Rs. 1,36,000/- at the age of 18 years. This applies to those born after 31.03.2006.
    • IEC/BCC campaign and workshops at various levels have been arranged for the scheme.

Save the Girl Child (SGC)

Under the overall umbrella of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) is being proposed by the way of including as a part of RCH II Program. While RCH II is linked with the critical concerns of safe motherhood, child health and reproductive health issues, (SGC) integrates the Girl child survival before & after conception through implementation of Pre-conception and Pre natal diagnostic technique Act 1994 by regulating misuse of pre-conception and pre natal diagnostic techniques for sex selection and promotion of girl child in the country. SGC will be a decentralized centrally sponsored program.


  • To ensure efficient implementation of PC&PNDT Act
  • To reduce pre conception and prenatal mortality of girl child and hence improve sex ratio at birth

Target group:

  • All Pre-conception and Pre Natal Diagnostic Centers
  • Implementing agencies
  • Public
  • Medical professionals


  • To ensure implementation of all promotional schemes for girl child at district level.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of implementation of PNDT Act through community participation.
  • Ensure accountability of implementing agencies through monitoring implementation of the Act through community participation.
  • Tracking pregnancies, MTPs and birth registration by the way of involving Anganwadi workers, ASHAs
  • Identifying violators of the Act through conducting detailed audits of form ‘F’ filled in for the pregnant women in the clinics.
  • Develop a national, state and district annual Plan.